Food For Thought

Learning to truly nourish my body with whole foods, and eat in abundance has been one of the greatest lessons that the past year has taught me. Depriving our bodies of the fuel that we need for day-to-day life only leads down a dangerous road, particularly when you train like an athlete. However, I will focus more on this side of fitness in a later post; trust me I have a lot to say!

Cooking and eating with friends and family, and really enjoying food, is something I am beginning to fall back in love with. It is so so important to avoid seeing food as our enemy. A balance between whole foods and yummy treats is what I am striving towards, and I hope that through this blog I can inspire you to eat mindfully, and treasure your body. You deserve it!


Alfresco dining in the garden with family: whole grain mustard baked salmon fillets, butternut squash (an absolute favorite of mine), quinoa and salad.

There’ll be lots of exciting recipes coming your way shortly! But I warn you the side effects include; radiance, energy and feeling like a total superhuman!

Lots of love,

Sophie x


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