Run Free

You know that feeling you get when you’re at the top of a rollercoaster, and you’re about to drop? Your heart is racing, high on adrenaline, and a second feels like an hour. And then you drop. Your senses are flooded, you feel invincible, you feel free. Well that’s how I feel when I run. Nothing compares to the feeling I get from standing at the start line of a race and hearing that gun go off. A surge of power pulses through me and before my mind has even caught up with my body, I’m flying. Surrounded by unique individuals, united by our love affair with a crazy sport, I truly feel unstoppable!

Now you may be wondering; this tsunami of emotion surely cannot last you an entire 13 mile race Sophie?! And if I’m being honest, of course it doesn’t! But even after 10 miles, when my legs are cramping up and the heat is overwhelming, the adrenaline still ripples through me like an aftershock effect. And every time I remember how far I’ve come, and how there’s only a few miles left to go, something pushes me forwards, faster and faster.

And even if a little devil on my shoulder starts to fill my mind with negativity, (which always happens during a half marathon, trust me!!), these feelings are eradicated as soon as I see that 1 more mile sign and the crowds thicken, with hundreds of spectators cheering on the thousands of runners. And then I see the finish line. The brightly coloured archway which signifies everything I’ve been working towards, everything I’ve trained for, and once again my entire being is flooded with a sense of power that Superman could only ever dream of. And even after all that running, my knackered little legs still find the strength to burst into life for a sprint finish, reminding me why I am truly hooked on this sport.

I honestly have no idea what my life would be like nowadays if I hadn’t discovered running. After only training for about 3 years it has seriously improved my energy levels, my health and my self-worth. Feeling like a superhero daily is pretty damn great. Like I said before, it really is a love affair. Yes, I have days where I hit a wall, and no matter how hard I push myself, my body just says “nope, no running for you today Soph”. But that’s okay! Those are the days that remind me of how incredible the human body really is! We have to listen to what our bodies are craving, if they need fuel, if they need rest, we need to listen. And forgetting this is something I am certainly guilty of.

So, I hope my ramblings can inspire you to discover something that really awakens these powerful emotions in you! Whether it be through running, or swimming, or deadlifting, or boxing, just connect with your body! And your mind will thank you for it later.

Lots of love,

Sophie x

My first ever half marathon in 2014! The love affair begins!

My first ever half marathon in 2014! The love affair begins!


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