Wild Food Café

A friend and I recently took a little trip into London for a girly lunch and a catch up. After a spot of window shopping around Covent Garden, we stumbled upon an absolute haven. A technicolour oasis in the centre of a bustling city.

Neal’s Yard, is just a short walk from the main square of tourists, shoppers and diners and it honestly feels like another world. Bright colours and inspiring murals adorn the brick walls with flowering plants hanging from every window. If you think this is beautiful, wait until you see our lunch!

IMG_6475 At the heart of the oasis, lies The Wild Food Café. Everything about this vibrant little restaurant screams wellbeing! The food here is designed to fill more than just your belly. Nourishing your body, mind and soul, it’s guaranteed to leave you feeling full of positive energy, ready to tackle anything. Absolutely every dish on the menu is plant-based and beautifully presented, using creative flavour combinations.


We ventured inside, up a little staircase tucked away, and were seated on beautiful communal wooden benches flooded with natural light from the open windows. We browsed through the menu umming and aahhing trying to decide what to order.


Have you ever seen anyone look more at home? I was genuinely tempted to order everything!! After minutes of deliberating we decided on two classics with a wild twist.

The Wild Cult Sandwich with Kale Chips.

IMG_6469IMG_6463A stunning little tower of their moreish organic focaccia bread, watercress, tomato, cashew and coconut mozzarella (all dairy free), and the star of the show, coconut bacon! Yes BACON. This absolute gem is made from the flesh of young coconut. It’s light, juicy and seasoned with a delicious zingy marinade. Better than any regular bacon if you ask me!

Charlotte went for the Wild Pizza. Just look at that beaming face, awaiting her lunch!

IMG_6473IMG_6470This pizza with a twist was topped with fresh colourful vegetables which the chefs experiment with daily. The base was made from a concoction of almonds and butternut squash, generously lavished with enough wild pesto to keep any green goddess happy.

Charlotte is someone I was lucky enough to meet through my love of running. She has been an incredible source of inspiration and advice this year, and is lover of fresh wholesome foods just like me! We chatted all things athletics, internships and summer wanderlust.

Sharing meals out with friends like this is something I’ve now made a part of my weekly routine, whether it be in a healthy café or a burger chain. It’s all about balance and falling back in love with food.

Speaking of balance, wait until you see the pud! Let me introduce you to the Wild Banoffee Pie.


Rich, creamy coconut mouse, with gooey banana bits, chia seeds and a coconut base! This tastes as good as a naughty pudding without all the nasty refined sugars, and flavourings which would have kick started a manic loss of control in the past. It is the definition of nourishing body and mind simultaneously, enjoying a treat without the feelings of guilt or restriction.

If you fancy trying something new and leaving a restaurant full of love as well as just food then this is the place for you. Check out their website here!

I cannot recommend this place enough, and will certainly be back soon to try out some more dishes. I think a chocolate smoothie is certainly on the cards!

Nourish yourself, you superhuman!

Lots of love,

Sophie x


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