5 Tips for New Runners

As a girl most likely to be found running through the English countryside, who barely ever takes off her Nikes, I am always getting asked for tips on how to get into running. Too many people look at the big picture when it comes to running and are scared off by the daunting thought of tying up their laces, and trying to run five miles before they’ve even tried running one. Believe me, once you can push past this mental block, it really is one of the most enjoyable and accessible ways of getting in a morning workout, flooding your little body with endorphins ready to tackle the day!

So, I thought I would give you my 5 top tips for getting started if you’re new to running.

  1. Find somewhere beautiful to run. Whether you live by the sea, on a farm or in a city, leave the treadmill behind and get outside. I use running as a way of exploring and have found so many beautiful parks, lakes and estates that most people don’t even know exist! Plus, the fresh air will clear your head and give a real boost to your performance.

    My local park in all its glory.

    My local park in all its glory.

  2. Fuel your fitness. If you really want to reap the benefits of running it is so so important to give your body the right fuel pre and post run. Before a run in the morning I like to carb up with a big bowl of porridge and fruit. This gives me the perfect amount of glucose to use for energy. Other people swear by scrambled eggs on toast or Greek yoghurt with granola, but you’ve got to find what’s best for you. Play around with a few combinations and see what makes you feel unstoppable. After running make sure you re-hydrate and replenish your muscles with plenty of protein and carbohydrates.
  3. Drag a friend along for the ride. When you’re first getting into running, training with a friend can really help. You push each other forward and motivate each other. It’s also the perfect opportunity for a weekly catch up!

    Kate and Liv: two of my best friends I've met through running and training together.

    Kate and Liv: two of my best friends I’ve met through running and training together.

  4. Create an awesome playlist. If finding a running buddy proves a little difficult, music can be a great motivator too. I like to use free apps such as 8tracks to find new playlists and remixes. This way I never get bored of the same music everyday.
  5. Treat yourself with kindness. Before you race off and start putting pressure on yourself to run further and faster, take a while to connect with the sport. Fall in love with it! When practised little and often running can be an incredible way to let off steam and refocus your mind. Paradoxically it actually gives you more energy! Bring your awareness back to your body with a nice stretch after you run, and learn to listen to your tired little legs.

I hope this inspires some of you to get out there (if it ever stops raining in miserable England) and get exploring!

Lots of love,

Sophie x


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