Little Reminders

I think it’s time for another dose of honesty.

This bank holiday weekend I hopped in the car with my brother Josh and set off for Dorset to stay with my grandparents. They live in the most beautiful, rural village surrounded by fields and costal paths that wind along the tops of cliffs and down towards secluded rocky beaches. This change of scenery was exactly what Josh and I needed. No phone service, no busy streets, and a few days away from work.


Just look at this view.


Pretty idyllic right?



I was able to go for relaxed long runs along the Jurassic coastline and climb up huge hills to explore abandoned castles with my brother, who, prior to this trip, I haven’t really had a chance to catch up with properly this summer. It was magical!


However, on the very first day of our visit I was hit by a wall of anxiety. I suddenly realised that for a whole four days I was no longer in control of my food. I couldn’t decide what we were having for lunch, how much salt went into our mash potato, what time we’d be having breakfast, and so on. And I’ll admit, yes, for a day this completely threw me. I was tense, my heart kept racing, and my mind was constantly wandering into a state of frantic daydreaming.

After temporarily shutting down, I picked myself up and decided to use this anxiety to really strengthen my mind. To look fear in the eye and say you do not own me anymore.

And I encourage you to do the same. If something is weighing you down, clouding your mind, It’s vital that you listen to those feelings. Really embrace the emotions. If we can tap into these anxieties and become conscious of how and why they creep up on us, we can face them with serenity and logic.

Even if your mind-set cannot be changed instantly, you will be working towards solving your problem with an incredibly powerful weapon; truth!

By taking a deep breath and acknowledging the irrationality of my mind this weekend I was able to let go. I faced the next day with a completely new perspective. I enjoyed sharing steak pie and home grown veggies with my family, and savoured every last bite of a sticky toffee pudding, proud of the power I’d given myself as a result of my own honesty.

It was the perfect little reminder that I still have a long way to go. And that’s okay! We are not perfect. We fall apart. But by identifying our weaknesses we can set our minds free. Don’t you forget it!

Lots of love,

Sophie x


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