Pasta Powered PB’s

Feeling crazy inspired this afternoon after an amazing race, finding it hard to contain all these positive vibes buzzing inside of me!

This morning I took part in the Maidenhead Half Marathon. Before today I’d heard that this course was one of the best for achieving a personal best. A flat, two lap, urban and rural road run. So naturally, I took on the challenge and set off at 09:30, with the sun illuminating the cool morning, and made it my mission to get a PB on this race.

After solid training and rekindling my love for carbs as running fuel I was confident that I could achieve a time around the 1:45 mark. The results? You’ll just have to keep reading!


The day before I really focussed on getting my nutrition spot on. Nothing fancy just pasta, pasta, porridge and oh yeah a little bit more pasta. For me this is an achievement in itself as the idea of eating pasta used to fill me with dread. But by fuelling my body in this way, I ensured that my muscles would be harnessing energy from the high glucose levels in my blood, rather than from the mass of my muscles themselves. Having built up a serious energy store I woke up this morning feeling ready to fly.


As the starting gun was fired I sped across the line with around 4000 others, buzzing with excitement. For those of you yet to take on the challenge of a race like this (I don’t blame you), volunteers run along side the sea of athletes, wearing flags to mark out the different paces and potential finishing times. I managed to stay with the 1:40 pace maker for the first 10 miles, pinching myself every time I looked up and saw that little blue flag. I couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t help but think How on earth am I this far ahead of my goal speed?! But my legs kept pounding the pavement and I felt zero pain. Like zero! A sensation I have never really experienced during a 13 mile race before. I thought this feeling was some kind of myth that only elite athletes rave about. But there I was, experiencing my greatest runners high to date.


At around mile 11 I started to lose sight of the 1:40 pace maker, but did I let this flood me with negativity like in previous races? No way José!! I was still running fast than ever and used the hope of a sub 1:45 (way beyond my original goal) to power me through to the finish line.

In the blur of my sprint finish I couldn’t quite believe what I saw! The clock read 1 hour 42 minutes and 49 seconds. And to be honest I’m still gobsmacked. There must be something wrong with that clock I thought to myself. But as my family rushed over to greet me with big hugs and lots of water, I let the feeling sink in. I’d far exceeded my own expectations, smashing a whole 3 minutes off my original PB and surpassing the goal I’d set for myself. 1:42:49!!


So, in this whirlwind of inspiration and energy I’d like to offer you some advice. Whether you’re taking on  a half marathon or any other sporting challenge:

  •  Ban all negativity
  • CARB UP to feel like a superhuman
  •  Push your own limits, you never know, you might exceed all expectations of yourself.

Lots of love,

Sophie x


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