Fare Healthy

This weekend we immersed ourselves in a little health and fitness bubble. On another one of our London adventures, my adorable friend Kate and I followed the scent of raw chocolate truffles all the way to Fare healthy in Borough Market. Fare healthy was a collection of the hottest London health brands and their ambassadors all under one roof. Let’s be honest, I was in HEAVEN and the whole day gave us both so much inspiration and energy.


To start off our morning we booked ourselves a place in the Lululemon Run Club and met outside Southwark Cathedral. Greeted by our beaming trainer we instantly felt at home and started chattering away to all the other likeminded runners. We were led through an innovative stretch routine and then hit the streets of London as a pack. Racing over tower bridge and along the river, this was a bit of a pinch me moment for Kate and I.

IMG_6991The workout included fast tempo jogging, insane views, and some hilarious froggy squat jumps up the steps to Tower Bridge.

After having our energy levels boosted through the roof we headed into the market to explore. With rehydrating pretty high on our list of priorities we scouted out all the best smoothies and juices. As soon as Kate saw the fresh coconuts our minds were made up!

IMG_7003They literally cut the tops off these baby coconuts and whack a straw in. Just close your eyes and imagine you’re on a beach. I know this little one did…

IMG_7002And it gets better… For hungry little monkeys like us, they handed out spoons so we could scoop out all the fresh coconut at the end!

Fare Healthy had so many engaging talks and activities going on so we ventured on and got stuck in. Huddled around a cute table, covered in flowers and fruit, we took part in a Kombucha brewing class led by Moonlight Kombucha.

Just look at these healthy potions we made using carrot juice, beetroot, fresh raspberries, and hibiscus to flavour the tea.


We wandered around the markets tasting incredible chocolate truffles, nut butters, cold pressed juices, and even seaweed. Then, having tried every free taster we could find, it only seemed right to buy some lunch and take a seat in the sunshine.

I chose this rainbow of a meal…


A delicious beetroot and bean burger, with mango salsa, kale caesar salad, and slow roasted, salty tomatoes which added a real kick. Such a fab combination of flavours and so fresh! They made it right in front of our eyes.



Now onto the talks. We listened to several health gurus talk about their experiences and demonstrate recipes, but the one whose message has really stuck with me is Gizzi Erskine’s. Yes, she made a fresh, spicy chicken dish with courgette noodles which was totally healthy but she also addressed the industry’s current obsession with eating “CLEAN”. Her promotion of eating a balance of healthy and naughty foods and really feeding your soul is exactly what I am striving towards. It was so inspiring to see someone embrace real, wholesome, ingredients without labelling things like peanut satay sauce, and sweet chilli dressing as “unclean”.

This empowering talk was the perfect way to end the day and Kate and I both left feeling inspired, educated and nourished with lots of goodies to take home like hazelnut, coconut and vanilla bean butter.

If you’re interested in attending any events like this but are hesitant, I can’t urge you enough to take a leap and go explore. Surround yourself with likeminded individuals, inspire others, bounce off their energy and soak up as much wisdom as you can.

Oh, and here’s a cheeky cake, just in case this post hasn’t made you hungry enough!


Lots of love,

Sophie x


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