Ditch the Guilt

When things get stressful it can be hard to find the right balance between working and relaxing. I will openly admit to forgetting about the latter and diving head first into a million projects at once, whilst neglecting my health both mentally and physically. However, I would like to use this post to remind you all (and myself) that it’s more than okay to take a moment to breath. There should be no guilt attached to switching off your tired little brain and leaving tasks for a new day.

Go out for dinner with friends, sign up to a new sport, or turn up to a social event that you promised you’d go to. Rather than seeing these activities as another thing on your endless list of things to do, use them to ground yourself back in reality.

After an absolutely manic week, full of extreme highs and lows, I decided the only way to restore my mental health was to ring my family and go eat cake.

There is nothing that a cauldron of apple crumble with melty vanilla ice cream cannot fix! You can lick the screen if you like.


And yes these bad boys were not healthy in any sense of the word, but to deny yourself something that your soul is craving is far worse for your mental health than it is good for your body. Treats like this, shared with your loved ones, should be seen as nourishment for your mind.

So please ditch the guilt next time you need a Ben and Jerry’s pick me up or a cheeky chocolate fudge cake. As long as you enjoy these goodies in moderation alongside whole, nourishing foods and moderate exercise  you simply can’t go wrong. It’s all about balance.

Love yourself please, you little superhuman.

Lots of love,

Sophie x


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