Sources of Inspiration

After a great start to the festive party season I’ve returned home for Christmas!


With all the glorious food and drink on offer at this time of year it can be hard to maintain a balance. Endless champagne at staff parties (not complaining in the slightest) and celebratory meals with friends and family can leave you feeling a little overwhelmed and off kilter.




So, it is at times like these that I like to turn to the bloggers who have always inspired me to stay grounded, healthy, and most importantly, balanced. I thought it would be nice to share some of these incredible accounts with you, so that you too can stay mindful during the party season madness.

The first is Ella Woodward from @deliciouslyella a gorgeous plant based foodie whose attitude towards healing through food is a constant inspiration to me. Her blog also features insane plant based recipes, motivational quotes and all things natural.


The second is Hannah Darvas @hannahdarvas. This girl has got balance absolutely nailed! Sharing her journey and battles with food, Hannah’s genuine honesty is such an inspiration. Get ready for drool worthy chocolate brownies, ice cream, and delicious salads.

hannah darvas

The third is Pilates goddess Lottie Murphy @lottiemurphy_. A daily inspiration, Lottie advocates a holistic approach to health, promoting healthy eating alongside balance and self love. Her YouTube videos will make your day, I’m sure of it! And her blog actually inspired me to create my own.


I could go on for ever I swear, but I will contain myself. I hope that by drawing inspiration from these blogs, you too can remain calm, mindful and healthy during the Christmas mayhem.

Have an awesome party season and just remember, you deserve that champagne and chocolate truffle! It’s Christmas after all.

Lots of love,

Sophie x




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