Favourite Fifteen

Hello 2016!

I truly believe that the new year is an opportunity for gratitude and reflection. A chance to think of all the things you’ve loved about the past year, rather than focussing on everything you think needs changing. So I just couldn’t resist sharing with you my reflections, as I look back on some of my favourite moments of 2015.

The challenges, the triumphs and the magnificent chaos. It’s safe to say this year has been a real game changer for me!

So without further ado lets get this party started…

  1. 2015 has seen my passion for running explode! I can’t thank everyone enough who’s supported me, raced by my side and helped me train insane. So, forgive me, there will be several running related moments in this list. 😉 First up is the Vitality Half Marathon that I raced with the lovely Charlotte. On an icy day in London we smashed our records and finished in a puddle of happy tears. Priceless.
  2. Next up is a spontaneous trip to Morocco I took with the uni surf club. Making new friends and learning to ride some pretty gnarly waves was a winning combination and just what I needed.
  3. Starting yoga this year has given me an escape route from the crazy train, helping me to gain strength both physically and mentally. I really hope to carry on my practice in 2016.
  4. I’ve survived another year of uni with my beautiful house mates! Need I say more?
  5. My turning point. Admitting to myself that I was struggling with an eating disorder was the very first step in turning my health around. So many amazing people reached out to help and I am forever grateful for their kindness and the courage they have given me today.
  6. Next up is a cheeky trip to Cardiff to stay with one of my best friends. And of course running was involved. We raced the Swansea Half Marathon along the sea front with the sun beaming down on us. To me that’s pure magic.
  7. Another running moment 😉 In September I raced the Maidenhead Half Marathon with a time of 1:42:00. My personal best to this day! Having my family there to cheer me on made all the difference.
  8. I know it seems miniscule compared to the rest, but, reconnecting with my brother after he finally made it out the other side of being a grumpy teenage boy has been such a highlight. Coffee catch ups and trips to the pub aplenty!
  9. Starting this little blog! Blogging has allowed me to help so many people who have also been struggling. And it’s been an absolute pleasure! Inspiring you has been such a great catalyst for my own healthy mind-set. I can’t thank you enough.
  10. Wining, dining and dancing at the ball with my athletics team mates was unforgettable. Easily one of my favourite nights of the year.
  11. And how can I forget GLASTONBURY! We spent 5 days covered head to toe in glitter, exploring, raving, laughing, singing, climbing ladders up to treehouse discos, and basking in the sunshine.
  12. This year I also got a new job working for Sweaty Betty. An absolute dream, working with inspirational likeminded women, and spending all day in my active wear!
  13. Seeing one of my best friends graduate with a first and feeling like a proud mother. Words cannot describe the overwhelming awe I have for this girly.
  14. In December I handed in my third year dissertation. A rollercoaster of stress, euphoria, and discovery. Undoubtedly my greatest academic achievement to date!
  15. And finally… I had a beautiful Christmas. Free from guilt and anxiety.

We own our hearts, our minds, our voices, and it’s my goal to never let this thought escape me.


Surfs up in Morocco


Racing for my PB


Glastonbury baby!





Lots of love,

Sophie x




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