Wild Food Round Two

Last summer I discovered the beautiful gem that is the Wild Food Café. In the heart of Neal’s Yard I fell in love with the vibe of this restaurant, the food, and the holistic approach to health promoted by all the gorgeous glowy staff! https://healinghappier.wordpress.com/2015/08/14/wild-food-cafe/

And so, I just couldn’t resist another trip to Covent Garden to try out their winter menu and rave to you all, once again, about how truly special this place is. Dining here is like being welcomed into a community of long lost family!


Desperate to share this place with my beautiful mum, we spontaneously jumped on the train to London for the evening. It was such a treat to see Neal’s Yard, on a dark winters night, adorned in fairy lights!



On to the food (hell yes)! We studied the menu in awe of all the crazy flavour combinations, until we both looked up at each other and said, in unison, might I add, “I think I’ll have the burger!”. Like mother, like daughter. In fits of giggles we just about managed to calm ourselves before our waitress arrived.

Now, I know you may be surprised to hear that the Wild Food Café serves burgers… but this is no ordinary burger!

Let me introduce you to The Wild Burger.


A burger made from olives and shitake mushrooms, served with salsa verde and smokey babaganoush, in a super seed bun, with a huge side of sweet potato wedges. Sweet potato is life!

We both ordered a little extra as well; the coconut BACON. If you remember from my last post, this bacon is the absolute bomb. Made from the flesh of raw young coconut it will blow your mind, trust me!

Unlike a typical burger this dish left us feeling full but in a nourished, ‘damn that was good food’ way, rather than a lethargic, ‘I need to lie down’ way.

It was such a treat to share healthy food with my mum, as ever since I have started educating myself on the power of nutrition, she has been so supportive, intrigued to learn along side me.

As stunning as this virtuous burger is, the star of the show has to be the pudding!

IMG_0724 - Copy

We went for the raw Banoffee Pie and a Blood Orange Cheesecake, rolling our eyes with every bite.

No guilt, just dessert!

And you’d never believe these puds are dairy free, plant based, and sweetened naturally using ingredients like coconut, dates and fruit. Next level!

I cannot recommend a trip to the Wild Food Café enough. Whether you’re interested in nutrition, perhaps a plant based lifestyle, or even if you just fancy eating outside the box.

Open your mind, fuel your body, and feed your soul.

Lots of love,

Sophie x






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