It’s a Good Life

Never one to miss an opportunity, I thought I’d make the most of my recent trip into London and tick a healthy restaurant off my little London bucket list.

After a morning of learning all about New Balance trainers with the fab team from Sweaty Betty, I made my way to Sloane Square to try out the much raved about, Good Life Eatery.


Nestled in among the gorgeous white town houses of Chelsea, Good Life is a health lover’s haven with LA roots. Salads, wraps, soups and smoothies, it was the perfect place for lunch and a spot of creative writing.

Their philosophy goes “We’re not diet, we’re not boring, and we definitely won’t put anything on the menu unless it looks and tastes like a million bucks.” And that, right there is self love! Fuelling your body with food that looks and tastes a million bucks!

I ordered myself a Goodness Bowl and a cheeky americano, and settled in for a good few hours whilst working on my current feature film screenplay. The vibe was so relaxed yet bustling all at once!


And the Goodness Bowl… my god was it good!


The perfect combo of courgetti, falafels, avocado, butternut squash, green salad with black rice, and the star of the show an insane aubergine dip. Such a glowing mixture of flavours and textures and all bursting with plant based, wholesome nourishment.


And of course it helps that the food is presented beautifully. We eat with our eyes too you know!

Bonus points go to the americano, as it takes a pretty strong coffee to win my approval. You’d be amazed how many cafés can ruin a simple black coffee.

Highly recommend a trip to Good Life, and I’m going to have to pop back for brunch one day, the menu looks insane!

And they do takeaways. Double win!

Check them out at

Lots of love,

Sophie x



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