Inspire Hot Yoga

Last week the girls from Sweaty Betty and I decided to take on a brand new challenge. We paid a visit to Maidenhead’s Inspire Hot Yoga to take a Vinyasa flow class with the fabulous yoga instructor Claire McNab.

And oh my word did we leave feeling like invincible warriors!

This was not your average yoga class. Inspire have their very own specially heated studio which they heat using infra-red technology to around 37 °C.


37 °C! You may be wondering why anybody would spend an hour and a half in a room that hot, let alone whilst doing yoga, but the benefits are absolutely unbeatable. Dripping with sweat in the best way possible (as we love to do at Sweaty Betty), this intense heat and humidity sends your body into detoxification mode, penetrates the muscles at a cellular level, increases fat burn, and improves flexibility. To our surprise, Claire’s class was a really tough workout which left us feeling so incredibly accomplished and empowered. We were buzzing with energy yet totally relaxed all at once!

They say that ‘your vibe attracts your tribe’ and it may sound cheesy but Inspire have nailed this to perfection.  It was so inspiring to see everyone in the class pushing themselves to the limit and letting go of all their stress with every exhale.


Claire was so accommodating to everyone’s different yoga abilities, offering several variations of each move. She really focussed on helping everyone to be the best they possibly could.

If your muscles are permanently tight from the gym, running or cycling then I would seriously recommend checking out Inspire Hot Yoga! Equally if you’re a hardcore yoga or pilates fan looking for a new challenge, then Inspire is the place for you. You’ll meet so many like-minded awesome yoga pros and leave the class feeling brand new (after a cool shower of course).


With a variety of styles, ranging from Vinyasa to Hatha, check out Inspire at  and have a little look at their Facebook page for an insight into the daily grind of a fabulous boutique yoga studio.

I will certainly be back for my yoga fix soon, I can see this getting quite addictive!

Thank you so much for having us Inspire.

Lots of love,

Sophie x



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