POWMAK Pilates

I’m on a bit of a roll with exploring new ways to mix up my workouts at the moment, and I’m loving it! It’s so important to try new things, use different muscle groups, and educate ourselves on what’s out there in order to prevent injuries and our fitness levels from plateauing.

This week the lovely Pip and I visited POWMAK Pilates studio, on behalf of our Sweaty Betty team, to try something completely out of our comfort zones.

POWMAK use an array of techniques and equipment to work towards full body conditioning. Their aim is to teach clients to move their body, to stand tall and to get into movement patterns which promote strength and fitness. I have always been fascinated with the philosophy behind Pilates and how it promotes strength in all aspects of your life, as well as just fitness. And as a long distance runner, I was keen to find out about how working on different muscle groups could prevent injury. So learning more about this was an awesome opportunity!


We were welcomed with open arms and were lucky enough to spend an entire morning trialling two different classes. The first was a cardio based workout called POWMIX designed to strengthen the body from head to toe, get those endorphins pumping and lengthen tight limbs. Sounds like the perfect all in one right? It is! Mixing up Pilates with HIIT, Yoga and Plyometrics is such an awesome and unique concept. We used Freeform discs to glide in and out of lunges, and spring harnesses to mix up regular high intensity moves like burpees and star jumps. I loved it!


If you want to feel like you can fly then this is the class for you!


Don’t worry if this all sounds mind boggling. It was totally new to me too! But the instructors were incredibly helpful and it’s the challenge of trying something different that made it so fun!


The second class was an even bigger challenge. Pip and I took to the Pilates reformers in a class called POWMAX  which uses specifically designed machines to stretch and strengthen the body. Flexibility was the aim of  the game here. My flexibility is embarrassingly poor but I feel that several session on these awesome reformers would sort me right out!


Situated in the gorgeous Windsor Marina, POWMAK has the vibe of a secret little fitness club.Perfect for escaping your crazy schedule and spending a few hours benefiting your body, and truly looking after yourself.


Check out their range of classes and timetables at http://powmak.com/

Thank you so much for having us POWMAK we had a blast!

Lots of love,

Sophie x


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