My Next Adventure

As you may have heard I am taking part in this year’s Sierra Leone Half Marathon and can hardly contain my excitement! So I thought I would use this post to give you a little bit more information about what I’ll be up to. 


Heading out at the end of May with over 100 other runners from all over the world, I’ll be spending a week in a town called Makeni. We’ll be staying in traditional accommodation with bucket showers, which I am weirdly looking forward to, and embracing the local culture.

The awesome charity Street Child have already been out there to set up projects, improving the lives of orphans whose worlds were turned upside down by the Ebola virus. During the week we will be given to opportunity to volunteer at these projects and meet the local children and families of Makeni. I can already sense that this is going to change the way I see the world, and I cannot wait to have my mind blasted WIDE OPEN. 


The money raised from this year’s race will go towards the charity’s latest project. The Girls Speak Out Appeal. This appeal aims to help girls go to school, something so simple which we take so easily for granted. 

Street Child Sierra Leone

Named by Runner’s World Magazine as the ‘craziest and most worthwhile marathon’, this event is about so much more than just the running. It’s about connecting with like-minded people, improving the lives of those less fortunate, and hopefully making some new friends for life.

Mark Maughan, the Sierra Leone Marathon Race Director has said: “I’m delighted to have over 100 runners sign up for the 2016 Sierra Leone Marathon. To have so many people willing to come and visit this beautiful country after such a devastating time during Ebola will show the people of Sierra Leone that we have not forgotten them and that there is still much work to do to help the children of Sierra Leone. It’s a great opportunity to witness the incredible work of Street Child and share in what is now Sierra Leone’s biggest sporting event.”

And as for the sporting challenge. I’ll be tackling a very familiar distance of 13.1 miles at a ridiculously unfamiliar temperature of aprox 35 degrees in very high humidity. I have been warned that breathing can become difficult – sounds delightful right? These are not ideal running conditions and yet locals tackle them each and every day, walking and running mile upon mile completely unfazed. If they can do it, I can do it! At least this is what I keep telling myself. 

In order to carry out their incredible work, Street Child need donations from you guys! 

And AWESOME NEWS – All funds raised by this year’s event will be doubled by the UK Government through a scheme called UK AID. Literally DOUBLED! How incredible is that?


If you could help sponsor their projects it would mean the absolute world to me. And I promise this will be the last time I ask for a donation from you lovely lot (until I take on a full marathon of course ;))

All the expenses for the trip have been paid from my own hard earned wages, so your donations will go straight to these young children in Sierra Leone, and help Street Child to fund more life changing projects. 

Please pay a little visit to my sponsorship page over at

everyday hero page

And if you fancy learning even more about Street Child and the event head to

Lots of love,

Sophie x


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