Risk Taking


This May is set to be a month of incredible adventures and exciting changes! I’ve been taking a hell of a lot of risks lately and nine times out of ten they’ve been paying off! So I thought I would just share some positive energy with you. It’s so important to reflect on the challenges you create for yourself and how these effect your mental well-being.

Rewind to two years ago, and the thought of changing my restrictive daily routine would have sent me spiralling. I, like many people with mental health disorders, was stuck in a bubble of my own, petrified to step one toe out of my comfort zone. But not today!

With the end of my three year degree looming over me April was a pretty tense month. But, having now handed in my final creative writing project I have decided to turn this tension into positivity energy and use it to fuel my new adventures.

Never one to waste time I’ve already been reaching out to like-minded people and the response has blown me away. People give back the passion that you give out! I’ve taken on an internship with a London based health company called ROOTED, written articles on mental health and fitness for online magazines (soon to be released), and had the opportunity to meet some of the people who have always inspired me!

At the end of the month I’ll also be heading out to Sierra Leone to work on charity projects with Street Child, with a cheeky half marathon on the side. Diving into something like this alone has forced me out of my comfort zone but I cannot wait for the adventure to begin!

I’m so excited to spend the summer meeting new people and pushing my own boundaries. I’ve absolutely rammed my diary full of challenges. And d’you know what? I’ve never felt better!

And so, to conclude today’s ramblings I’d like to encourage you all to seek out people who LOVE what you love! Redefine your own boundaries, take risks and reach out. With any luck you’ll feel as empowered by your own mental well-being as I do right now.

Vivacity is contagious!

Lots of love,

Sophie x



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