When the gorgeous Aish from @theglowfeed  invited me along to an elusive yoga club in Selfridge’s this week I jumped at the chance!

Let me introduce you to YUNG CLUB yoga. Taking a totally extraordinary new approach, YUNG CLUB is the world’s first 225° immersive yoga experience using light and sound to transport your practice to another universe. Every six months this elusive club pops up, collaborating with brand new artists and DJs to make sure you never have the same experience twice.
Aish and I booked ourselves into an ‘under the sea’ experience with no idea what to expect. And it’s safe to say we fell in love with it!
When we arrived we were greeted and led into a big silver dome. Think HotPod but futuristic. Literally out of this world, it seemed like a space ship! But, never one to question the power of yoga we went with the flow.
Inside, beautiful waves and sea creatures were projected across the walls, transporting us to an underwater oasis. Unlike anything I’d ever experienced, I relaxed into the class as we focussed on our breath, exhaling into imaginary conch shells. With a great mixture of vinyasa style yoga and challenging back bends, I left feeling totally restored after a busy day of interning.
I cannot recommend YUNG CLUB enough to any who loves yoga and fancies mixing up their practice. You won’t be disappointed! Popping up regularly, in new locations, with quirky themes, keep your eyes peeled for this dream team. It’s so refreshing to see people breaking the rules!
And of course I can’t say goodbye without telling you about our feast before the class. To fuel up we stopped off at Vantra! A hidden veggie gem on Oxford street offering a colourful array of buffet dishes. The vibe in here was to was to die for and the staff had such a great energy. Definitely a great place to grab a healthy bite to eat amongst all the Costa’s and Maccy D’s on one of London’s craziest streets.
But my favourite part of the evening; meeting Aish! I’m continuously blown away by how many inspiring people I’m crossing paths with, just by reaching out through social media. It’s  a powerful source of connection and such a treasure chest of like-minded awesome people.
Hold tight for more adventures from us very soon!
Lots of love,
Sophie X

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