Plant Power

A big plate of veggies often comes with connotations of restriction, dieting, and self-punishment. And to an extent I can see why. A bland bowl of iceberg lettuce, with a few tomatoes and cucumber thrown in doesn’t exactly sound appealing.

But given a bit of love, veggies can make an incredible addition to a balanced meal. And one of the key things I’ve learnt is that there are literally NO restrictions on the amount of plant-based beauties you can have in one meal. I’m all for eating in abundance!

Rather than seeing veggies as a way of ‘getting skinny’ or ‘detoxing’, see them as a way of nourishing your body, cramming in a tonne of nutrients, rainbow colours, and flavour.

One of my favourite ways to spice up veggies is with cumin, cinnamon, and coconut oil. Simply slice up a few of your favourites, and throw them in a roasting tray with the spices and oil. I love roasting carrots and peppers for 40 minutes, and serving them up with some protein like mackerel.


Also if you’ve never tried roasting cauliflower, It’ll blow you mind, trust me!

Next up is my go to wholegrain mustard dressing. It gives everything and anything a real zing. Here I’ve added it to a quinoa and veggie salad. Baby sweetcorn, beets, carrot, spinach, olives, and cashews. Beats a bland bit of spinach any day!

All you need is 1 tbsp of wholegrain mustard, 1 tbsp of honey, and a dash of hot water. Voila!


Fruit is also a surprisingly gorgeous addition to salads. A friend recently introduced me to adding mango and I’ve been hooked ever since.

This one was an absolute winner.

Mango salsa salad with a Moroccan chickpea houmous.


Easy peasy. Just dice up cucumber, tomato, red pepper, and mango. Drain a can of red kidney beans and give them a good rinse before adding them into the mix. To finish, dress the veggie goodness in your favourite chilli sauce and top with Moroccan spiced houmous. The mango gives the salsa a sweet kick which works perfectly with the spicy sauce and the crunchy veg.

So many people at the moment are shunning fruit for being too high in sugar. But seriously, life’s too short. Fruit is full of vitamins and fibre, how can this possibly be bad? I say eat fruit until your heart’s content and feel like a superhuman!


I hope this has shown you how easy it is to spice up your veggies and make them the star of the show. Never settle for anything less than a rainbow masterpiece.

Lots of love,

Sophie x



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