Happy Bday Healing Happier!

It’s been a year since I started my Healing Happier blog, and lord knows where the time has gone!


Starting out in 2015, I wanted to use Healing Happier as an outlet, to inspire others with honesty and peal back the layers of the ‘health’ industry by erasing the stigma attached to mental health.

‘We own our hearts, our minds, our voices’, and it was my goal to never let this thought escape me; to let it percolate through my life and my healing process, and to share this with you every step of the journey.

To evoke discussion and passion amongst my readers was something I’d always dreamt of, as many writers do, but I never really expected it. And yet, the response I have received to my creative ramblings has truly blown me away. Within the first few days of releasing my opening blog post I’d received heart felt essays from a vast range of readers. Some strangers, some friends, some old acquaintances. But to know that I may have helped even just one person, to have reached out with my words and inspired a change, is a feeling like no other.

I have met some awe inspiring people through blogging and I owe this to honesty alone. I’ts how we connect as human beings – through raw experience and passionate truth. Looking back over the past year it’s crazy to think how many opportunities have arisen as a result of these bridges that blogging has helped me to build.

It’s taken me on adventures to run marathons in Sierra Leone, helped me find a job which I adore, and most importantly connected me with an abundant wealth of like-minded souls.

If there is something that’s been on your mind for a little while now. A trip of a lifetime, a hobby you’re dying to start,  a sport, writing a blog, learning Spanish, joining the circus… I urge you with all my heart to just leap. Just go for it, regardless of fear, the opinions of those surrounding you, and ultimately your own self-doubt.

You never know what you may accomplish…

Lots of love,

Sophie x



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