Farmacy Feast

With everyone jetting off around the world at different times for exciting adventures, I find the summer months can sometimes leave us all a little disconnected from one another. I feel incredibly blessed to be on this crazy, busy path that I’m on, but sometimes a day is all I need to restore myself and come back bursting with new energy and creativity.

A day to explore and a catch up with like-minded souls was long over due, so last week I arranged a visit to new London hotspot – Farmacy – for a sunny lunch with the gorgeous Aish @theglowfeed.

And my word is this a beautiful little suntrap of a restaurant!


Bursting with natural light, with hues of gold and green, and adorned in cute potted plants and vines, the space has a very LA feel to it – perfect if you’re craving holiday vibes on a Friday lunch time like me!




Bustling with healthy, glowing customers, from all walks of life, Farmacy is far more sophisticated than any Veggie restaurant I’ve ever been to. As soon as we took a seat on a little table in the sun, our glasses were filled with fresh, cucumber infused, water. Better than your average tap water, and the staff refilled our glasses continuously as we chatted away into the afternoon!

Their menu is full of classic, comforting dishes with a vegetarian Farmacy twist. Think wholesome plant-based burgers oozing with avocado and garlic aioli, coconut vegetable curry with sprouted brown rice, and artichoke pizza with herby macadamia ‘cheese’.

Not to mention their salad selection is off the hook! And they even offer a variety of Earth Bowls – with Mexican, Middle Eastern, and Indian inspired dishes full of goodness.

I opted for their Middle East Bowl, a decision led predominantly by my infamous houmous addiction.


This beauty has a bit of everything I love, with buckwheat, baba ganoush, spirulina houmous (bright green baby!), pickled beets, and sweet potato falafels all in one bowl.

Aish went for the Asian salad. A stunning green salad which blows all stereotypical connotations of salad out the water. Seaweed, fresh greens, cucumber, mushrooms, sprouts and sesame seeds, dressed in a creamy sesame ginger dressing. And who could pass up an extra side of houmous hey?


These guys even do brunch so we will certainly be back for more!

If you ever find yourself in Notting Hill, Aish and I highly recommend taking a trip to Farmacy. Even if you’re not wholey plant based you’ll fall in love with it. The vibe, the friendly staff, the golden decor, and most importantly the food!

Lots of love,

Sophie x



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