How To Be an Optimist

Our manic lives leave us all continuously striving for more. More money, more hours in the day, more love, and we challenge ourselves over and over again to reach new heights without celebrating how far we’ve already come. How awesome we already are! Consequently, many of us fall into the trap of pessimism. We wake, run out the door without time to brush our hair, chase unrealistic dreams all day, and then come home deflated having not achieved what we naively set out to achieve.

We are far too hard on ourselves!

If this sounds a little bit like you, don’t worry, you’re certainly not the only one. Let me share some cheeky tricks to help you flow against the grain and always be an optimist. Self-love at its finest baby!

The first trick is to master positive affirmations. Become comfortable with loving yourself a little more, it won’t give you an ego the size of the sun, I promise, it’ll just ground you in the here and now, and remind you daily how well you’re really doing. Take a minute each day before you leave the house to close your eyes and repeat after me, “I am strong”, “I have a beautiful soul”, “I am made of stardust, and so is everyone who surrounds me”. You may feel silly at first but trust me it works wonders.

Next on the list is gratitude. A beautiful friend of mine recently reminded me of Yogi Bhajan’s famous words; ‘An attitude of gratitude is the highest form of yoga’, and I like to try and incorporate this mantra throughout my daily life, as well as my yoga practice. As you lay in bed each night try to list three things that you’re grateful for.  It could be the park down your road at sundown, a text from a loved one, a nice comment from someone at work, or even something as simple as that chocolatey treat you had at lunch.

Let’s talk about bottling next. We’re all guilty of bottling our emotions. Admitting to anxiety, stress, and pessimism comes with severe connotations of weakness in our society. But it shouldn’t be this way! Health and happiness are truly holistic and if you’re storing a lot of mental anxiety, optimism can seem near impossible. Share your emotions and watch as the negative energy escapes you.

Last but most definitely not least, try to tune in to the universe and listen closely. If you are continuously failing at a particular task, the universe may be trying to tell you something. Rather than beating yourself up about failure, use it as a spring board to a new adventure. The universe has a plan for you and sometimes we have to let go and trust in its magic, however terrified we may be. When I eventually started to trust in forces greater than myself, pieces of the puzzle naturally began to fall into place. And whilst I’m still learning, failing, and growing every day, I’m optimistic that something out there is looking after me.

Whilst looking being able to strategically plan ahead can be a desirable trait, there is something about harnessing the present that makes optimism virtually second nature.

Give it a go.

Lots of love,

Sophie x





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