When Did Wellness Become Wanky?

This morning I spotted a very intriguingly titled article ‘When did wellness become wanky?’, written by the inspirational James Duigan. James and his wife have built a globally renowned health and well-being business called Bodyism, based on the beautiful motto of Be Kind To Yourself. They promote a healthy lifestyle and mindset, which stems from a place of self-love rather than restriction and obsession.

james duigan.png

A firm believer in striving for balance and looking after ourselves, I just had to share this article with you.

James rightly addresses the fact that Wellness, is a wonderful thing. It is the pursuit of health and happiness and there is nothing bad about that. So it hurts to see the wellness industry being hijacked by damaged young people who are dressing up their eating disorders with beetroot brownies and activated almond milk.

And yes, to some extent wholesome replacement for junk foods are incredibly tasty and healing, however even I can’t imagine a beetroot brownie being all that great. Be kind to yourself and eat a real one! You are wonderful and you deserve it.

Intrigued like I was, and fancy a little read? You can check out the full article here in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Lots of love,

Sophie x



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