R U a Slave to Emotional Eating?


I am absolutely honoured to have been published in the Health Bloggers Community Magazine again this month, sharing buckets of self-love and advice for those struggling with binge eating or restrictive patterns.

Exploring the emotional bond we have with food I’ve written a piece entitled ‘Are you a slave to emotional eating?’.

The deep, primal, connection between human emotion and food has be known to tug at a few nerves, so before reading this one I’d like you to relax, and continue with an open mind, embracing honesty and kindness as best you can. I hope that my words can evoke a positive transformation and alleviate self-criticism, if not abolish it completely.

You can find the piece in their beautiful online mag @ http://magazine.healthbloggerscommunity.com/slave-emotional-eating/

Happy reading!

Lots of love,

Sophie x


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