Surry Hills

24/01/17 Living in Surry Hills – Central Sydney

Today is going to be an absolute scorcher. It’s 7am and I reckon there’s going to be a storm later on which doesn’t bode well for my day of touristing. I’ve just filled up on the free breakfast at my hostel and I’m thinking of going for a run up to the Botanical Gardens and the Opera House very soon. Wish me luck in case I melt away.

My run was absolutely perfect. Having to stop every now and then for the endless traffic lights and road crossings, gave me a chance to catch my breath in the 32 degree humidity. This city really is an urban jungle. Spurred on by the challenge of the close heat, I made it all the way through Hyde Park, through the Botanical Gardens, and along the harbor wall to the Opera House. At this time in the morning the Opera House was so serene, too early to yet be inundated with tourists. I explored the outskirts of the building taking it all in. It’s a hell of a lot smaller than I thought it would be. Yet, the architecture is simply stunning! And because of Chinese New Year, the grounds were decorated with all sorts of bright and wacky things.


Like a true tourist I asked other tourists to take photos of me, whilst posing in front of the beautiful scenery. It was mega cheesy but I loved it.

Later that afternoon I had a real craving for yoga. Travelling sends your body into tight knots like nothing else. And so, I researched a few local yoga studios in Surry Hills and gave one called Urban Yoga a call to see whether they had any spaces left in their afternoon practice. They did! And it was free to trial! The practice itself worked with sun salutations and balances. But the main USP was the huge cinema screen at the front of the studio. Whilst we flowed through our practice, images of our incredible world flashed before our eyes, accompanied by an eclectic mix of pan flutes, tropical house, and Justin Bieber. Images of wild elephants, gnarly surf waves, and the Eiffel tower lit up against the night sky, filled the screen. It was like nothing I’d ever experienced.


When I got home to my hostel we all had dinner together for my friend Becky’s birthday. I gave her a little birthday muffin and the boys bought us all dominoes and a next level chocolate cake. We stayed in the lounge playing drinking games and the game where you have to guess which celebrity you are. Sometimes the simplest nights, with a family of other young travellers are the best!

Lots of love,

Sophie x




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