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I am very excited, and truly honoured to share with you a piece that I have been working on for Evossi Explore, as their Runner of The Week. Out here in Australia, running has evolved into such a luxury for me. It’s my favourite way to explore new places and in this article I share my most treasured moments thus far.

Runner of the week

There are three things I love in life, that make me feel like me. Running, travel, and creative writing.

And, I’m about to combine all three thanks to the EVOSSI team! I am currently taking time out from my everyday life to travel the world, and wanted to share a few experiences I’ve had with the running and globetrotting combo so far. From how I stay motivated, to the perks of being a runner abroad, and some of my favourite trails over the past few months.

At home, I’m a competitive long distance athlete, travelling far and wide to take part in cross country leagues, half marathons, and marathons. I adore the adrenaline rush that only a race can provide, and the thrill of pushing myself to become the best that I can possibly be. However, I now see that there was an aggressive element that accompanied my dedication to the sport. Yet my desire to win all the time left me blinded.

All this has changed since I hopped on a plane to Australia back in January, and became a true backpacker.

You can find the rest of my article over on the Evossi website www.evossi.com/running-travelling-the-ultimate-freedom/

Lots of love,

Sophie x



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